Basics about collection

Collection Information

  1. Curbside collection details are listed below. Your designated day can be found under Service Search
    1. Curbside garbage collection is collected every week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. 
    2. Curbside recycling is collected every other Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Do not place recyclables in any kind of plastic bag and then place them in your green cart. Recyclables must be loose in the cart for collection.
    3. Yard waste is collected every week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Yard waste is defined as tree trimmings, hedge trimmings, and similar small materials. Do not package your yard waste in a plastic bags, barrels or drums. These containers will not be collected. There is no limit to the number of bags or boxes you set out for yard waste.
  2. Have your cart / yard waste at the curb before 7 AM with the wheels secure against the curb or along the street-facing your residence if your street does not have a curb.
  3. Cart lid must be completely closed, or your cart will be tagged and not collected.
  4. Cart / yard waste must be placed 5 feet away from surrounding obstacles on all sides. Yard waste may be stacked in no more than three small, neatly tied bundles that are no more than 4 feet long and 2 feet wide.
  5. Yard waste must be placed in a separate container other than your city issued cart weighing no more than 50 pounds each with no materials sticking out from the top of the container. Acceptable paper or biodegradable yard waste bags can be found at most stores with a garden center. Residents can also place yard waste at the curb in cardboard boxes or standard 33 gallon trash cans. 
  6. Additional carts are available upon request for $5 per month and require a one-year commitment.

View the City Code about Residential Collections.

Important Reminders For Curbside Recycling

  • It is helpful to flatten bulky recyclables like boxes and jugs to save room in your recycle cart.
  • Make sure recyclable containers are free of food residue and liquid containers are empty.
  • Newspaper and cardboard recyclables must be clean and dry to be accepted in the program.
  • You may take large recyclables that will not fit in your cart to the Waste Management Recycle Center on the first Saturday of the month between 9 am - 1 pm. The recycling center is at 809 N. George Street. 
  • You must have proof of residence in the form of a water bill and identification card with you when you arrive to drop off recyclables at the Waste Management Recycle Center.

Basics About The Waiver Program

Residents who are disabled and are unable to move their city issued cart to their curbside may be eligible for the Waiver Program.


  • Arrangements to participate in the Waiver Program may be made by calling the Solid Waste Division 361-485-3220 or online.
  • Residents eligible for this program must leave the cart in a designated area that is agreed upon after a site visit is made by the Solid Waste Division.
  • There must be no other resident living within the household who is able to move the city issued cart to the curbside.