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Use OverDrive to download audiobooks and eBooks that can be listened to or viewed on your computer or transferred to a portable device. Many titles can also be burned to a CD. There are never overdue books or late fees; titles automatically return.


TeenBookCloud is for middle school and high school students. Examples of included material:

  • Classic literature
  • Enhanced eBooks with full audio narration and highlighted text
  • Graphic novels
  • National Geographic videos


TumbleBookLibrary is for grades Kindergarten through 6th. Examples of included material:

  • Animated, talking picture books
  • Books in Spanish and French
  • Graphic novels
  • National Geographic videos
  • Non-fiction books
  • Playlists
  • Read-along chapter books


WorldCat is the world’s most comprehensive bibliography, with nearly 1.2 billion holdings representing the collections of more than 10,000 libraries, over 400 languages, and all types of materials ranging from stone tablets to electronic books. 

WorldCat includes information from before 1,000 BC to the present with thousands of records containing evaluative content such as tables of contents, cover art, book summaries and notes about the authors.


Look for more Literature Resources available at the TexShare Website.

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