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Posted on: February 5, 2020

Census 2020: Why it matters; Reason #2: Accurate count helps schools get resources they need

Victoria Counts! Census 2020

If school district officials receive funding to provide lunch for 50 children, one can imagine the last thing they would want is for 250 hungry students to show up when lunchtime rolls around.

Having an accurate head count in the 2020 Census impacts more than just school lunches. Information gathered during the census will be used to calculate funding for a variety of public-school services, including staff training, equipment and other resources that help young learners reach their full potential.

Parents who want to make sure their children’s schools get the funding they need can help by responding to the census and making sure that everyone in their household is counted—including the little ones.

“Public schools rely on many different funding sources to ensure students have equitable access to a quality education,” said Dr. Quintin Shepherd, Victoria Independent School District superintendent. “Much of our federal funding comes from information gathered in the census.” 

Public schools help ensure that every child in America has access to education, and using census data to determine the schools’ funding helps to create a level playing field. Unfortunately, some demographics are still undercounted – economically disadvantaged groups, racial minorities and immigrants, to name a few – which means communities that can benefit most from additional funding are too often left out of the equation.

“In order to maximize funding for school meal programs, additional technology, staff training and opportunities for our kids, it’s critical to reach groups that tend to be undercounted because, oftentimes, these are also the students who benefit most from the additional support provided through the school district,” Shepherd said. “Every student counts!”

Behind the scenes of filming Census kids PSAThat’s precisely the message that five Victoria kids will share in a forthcoming PSA produced by the City of Victoria Communications & Public Affairs department. These children and others like them are depending on the adults in their lives to ensure they participate in this year’s 2020 Census so that our local schools can receive an accurate count and continue to get the funding they need to help students learn. 

By responding to the 2020 Census, Victoria residents will have the chance to shape not only our future but our children’s future. Start here. Visit

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