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Outdoor Assembly Permit Application

  1. The City of Victoria Texas Fire Department

                      9508 Zac Lentz Parkway                                                        Victoria, Texas 77904                                                             361-485-3460

  3. Outdoor Assembly Permit Application
  4. Applicant
  5. Property Owner
  6. Event Description
  7. Additional Information
  8. Will any of the following be present at the event?
  9. Declaration of Application - Please Read Before Signing
  10. I certify that:
  11. 1. The information contained in this application, attached plans and specifications, and other attached documentation is true to the best of my knowledge.
  12. 2. I agree to conduct operations in accordance with the approved operational permit and all of the documentation submitted and specifications submitted herewith, and in compliance with all of the provisions of the City of Victoria Fire Code.
  13. 3. I agree that the Fire Code Official may make as many scheduled and unscheduled inspections as deemed necessary to enforce this Code.
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