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Legal Department Client Satisfaction Survey

  1. Many in-house legal departments are turning to client satisfaction surveys to drive action and change.
    Your opinions regarding the level and quality of legal service provided to you is valuable to help us achieve our goal as a service provider is to continually improve our service levels. Our goal is not only to validate those things the department is doing well, but also to unearth those areas in which the department can improve.
  2. This survey is the beginning of an ongoing process.
    It is my goal to circulate a client satisfaction survey at the end of each calendar year, so that we can monitor our progress, and make any necessary course corrections. In this first survey, I’m looking for information to help establish a baseline. Future surveys will help me judge relative performance improvements and develop SMART goals to respond to the survey feedback.
  3. Client Information
  4. What is your position in the City (CMO, Director, Asst. Dir., Manager, other)*
  5. How often do you have contact with the Legal Dept. (Every Week, Monthly, Less than once a month)*
  6. Accessibility
  7. How available are legal team members when you need them?*
  8. How proactive is the legal department in anticipating legal issues that are relevant to your department and working with you to avoid problems?*
  9. Are the lawyers meeting your expectations as active, accepted members of your business team?*
  10. Response Time
  11. How important is response time to your issues?*
  12. How fast is the legal department in providing what you need?*
  13. Are the lawyers meeting your expectations regarding turnaround time?*
  14. Expertise
  15. Does the legal team demonstrate the level of expertise that you want your counsel to have?*
  16. How helpful is the legal department in finding solutions to legal problems?*
  17. How do you rate the quality of the legal team’s work product?*
  18. How good has the legal department been in helping you minimize or mitigate legal or financial risks?*
  19. Does the legal team communicate advice clearly, concisely, intelligibly, and usefully?*
  20. Training
  21. Is the legal department offering legal training that helps your team succeed?*
  22. Is the training you have received from the legal team understandable, relevant, and helpful?*
  23. Technology
  24. Does the legal department use of technology meet your expectations?*
  25. Overall
  26. What is your overall satisfaction with the City’s Legal Department?*
  27. The level of legal services my colleagues and I will need in the coming years will: *
  28. Open-ended Questions
  29. All submitted surveys will be anonymous and not linked to any personal information. No personal information, email address, name, or phone number is required to complete this survey.
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