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Building Improvement Grant Application

  1. Applicant Information

    Please complete this application and attach all required color samples of paint, awning, sign design, as well as drawings, contractor bids, property deed, tax certificate and photographs of the building's interior projects. All proposed projects must meet the Building Improvement Grant Guidelines provided below.

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  5. Type of Work*

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  7. Development Review*

    I have completed a Development Review Team meeting:

  8. Include the total dollar amount of the project here. Please note this grant is a 50/50 matching grant with a cap of $50,000.00.

  9. Design Review Consultation Requirement*

    I understand that all projects are required to complete a Design Review Team consultation with Development Services prior to entering in a contract with the City of Victoria. Those consultations can be scheduled through Lila Foster, Planning Technician/Demo Coordinator at (361)485-3360. 

    All projects must meet all current development ordinances and have been issued proper permits from the Development Services department in order to be considered as a grant recipient. 

  10. Building Improvement Grant Understanding*

    I understand that if I am awarded a Building Improvement Grant by the City of Victoria, any deviation from the approved project may result in the withdrawal of the grant.

  11. Please attach any and all color samples, design drawings, contractor bids, property deed, tax certificate and photographs of the proposed Building Improvement Grant project here.

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