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Victoria Public Library Meeting Room Reservation Form

  1. Check all that apply
  2. Is there a registration fee or donation required to attend?
  3. Are you selling any goods or services at the meeting?
  4. Room Requested
  5. Equipment Requested
  6. I have read and agree with the Victoria Public Library Meeting Room Policy.

    I understand that I am responsible for setting up and putting away any furniture and equipment we use, and leaving the room in its original condition before the library closes. Failure to comply with these stipulations may result in denial of future requests to schedule the meeting rooms.

  7. Note:
    • Not all equipment is available in all meeting rooms. 
    • Please contact the Service Desk at 361-485-3301 or for further assistance.
    • If you have questions about using or connecting to our equipment. It is recommended that you visit the library prior to your meeting to look at the equipment we have available. 
    • Library staff may not be available for assistance with equipment the day of the meeting.
    • See the Service Desk for any assistance needed on the day of the meeting.
    • You will be contacted once your request has been confirmed or denied.
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