Industrial Pretreatment


The Pretreatment Department is responsible for the enforcement of federal and state-mandated pretreatment programs regulating commercial user discharges to the sanitary sewer. They regulate and enforce the Oil and Grease Ordinance for food service establishments and track annual testing of backflow prevention devices for commercial users in order to help protect the potable water supply.

Industrial Waste Discharge Ordinance


Services provided by this department:

  • Assist the Spill Response Team
  • Determine surcharges assessed to commercial users that discharge high strength or solids bearing waste
  • Implement and enforce the federal and state-mandated Pretreatment Program that regulates commercial user discharges to the sanitary sewer
  • Process private monitoring well applications, issue permits, and conduct on-going monitoring of sites
  • Provide customer service and training on proper disposal practices and pollution prevention
  • Regulate the food service establishments (Oil and Grease Ordinance) that have the potential to discharge food wastes to the sanitary sewer.