1. Stock image of apartment building
  2. Maggie_Bergeron
  3. Guadalupe River flowing near boat dock
  4. Five people stand behind a table with a City of Victoria Municipal Court tablecloth and laptops.
  5. Large group of people in park with work vests, some with KVB logos
  6. A residential home
  7. Police K9 Hummer wearing a protective vest
  8. Team of wheelchair basketball players display their medals
  9. Two people in construction gear stand in a deep hole with the end of a pipe poking out of the side
  10. Two people in construction gear stand in a deep hole with the end of a pipe poking out of the side
  11. Five people stand in front of a TAAF backdrop. The man in the middle holds a plaque.
  12. Row of people playing cornhole at the Victoria Community Center annex
  13. In a parking lot, a uniformed police officer shines a light into a car while a small group watches
  14. Several people sit at round tables at the community center dome watching two speakers
  15. Seven people in fire department shirts stand in front of a fire truck
  16. Large group photo in front of a pavilion with a Warrior&#39s Weekend sign and a KVB sign
  17. A classroom with long tables in a square and a whiteboard
  18. Mark Jameson
  19. Elizabeth Montes
  20. Eleven teenagers, some of them wearing Christmas shirts and sweaters, pose for a photo
  21. A police dog wearing a beige vest embroidered &#34Gifted by
  22. A lawn sprinkler spraying water.
  23. Basketball court photo with people in VFD and VPD shirts, people in NALC shirts and cheerleaders
  24. Group of people dig shovels into a pile of dirt with heavy machinery in the background
  25. A hose-end sprinkler on a bright green lawn.
  26. Parade float with a little house made of Christmas lights
  27. Overhead view of dog park with two separate fenced areas and agility equipment for dogs
  28. Liz Tise
  29. A woman and two uniformed police officers speak to a classroom of teenagers
  30. Group of people, including children, cut a big red ribbon in front of a playground structure
  31. Roberto Arredondo Jr. in police uniform
  32. Caleb Wehmeyer
  33. Man with sunglasses painting a house blue with a long paint roller
  34. C_Menchaca
  35. Group photo with balloon backdrop with KVB logos on some balloons
  36. A dog sits in a grassy fenced area
  37. Two people holding three glass trophies
  38. Two men in a parking lot, one in a wheelchair one standing, with a wagon of hula hoops and footballs
  39. An empty building with brick walls, plywood surrounding door frame and bare ceiling
  40. Map showing new public safety headquarters on empty land on Main Street
  41. A dry riverbed with patches of green water and plants growing
  42. People seated at rectangle tables arranged in a square. Other people sit in rows of folding chairs.

    Victoria Public Library advisory board updates collection development policy

    New policy clarifies processes for collection development, appeals
  43. A conceptual rendering of the new Riverside Park duck pond. What was once two ponds is now one.
  44. Butterfly garden featuring plants, stone and brick landscaping and small signs
  45. Plastic bottles, soda cans and other trash on the Guadalupe River bank underneath a wooden pier
  46. Side by side images of boots and coats
  47. A multi-story apartment complex with small balconies
  48. Man in cherry picker installs an overhead LED street light.
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Emergency Alerts (CodeRed)

To receive "CodeRed" emergency alerts through our local Office Of Emergency Management, text the word "ALERTVICTORIA" to the number 99411. 

These notifications are sent by text and phone call to subscribed residents by Victoria's Office of Emergency Management in coordination with City staff. code red

  1. Mon Jan. 30

  2. Tue Jan. 31

  3. Tue Jan. 31

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