Community Development Block Grant

The City of Victoria receives a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

These funds are distributed throughout the community to provide eligible recipients with annual grants that can be used to revitalize neighborhoods, expand affordable housing, provide economic opportunities, and improve community facilities and services, primarily supporting low- to moderate-income (LMI) persons.

The Development Services Department oversees the administration of the CDBG program, affordable housing programs, as well as other state and federal grants.

IMPORTANT PROGRAM RESOURCE: Details regarding the CDBG Program are available in the HUD-issued CDBG Guide to National Objectives

CURRENT ANNUAL ACTION PLAN: Annual Action Plan for Program Year 2023

LMI BLOCK GROUPS: Low- to Moderate-Income Block Groups (2020 Census)

CITY OF VICTORIA CDBG PROGRAMS: The City of Victoria is offering the following CDBG programs for low- to moderate-income residents of the City of Victoria:


Blue City of Victoria wording, Blue Blocks, Red CDBG letters, Blue Development Services wording
  1. Zachary Wendel

    Zachary Wendel

    Community Development Planner

2023 CDBG Income Limits for Victoria

2023 Median Family Income (MFI): $69,700

30% MFI$15,400$17,600$19,800$21,950$23,750$25,500$27,250$29,000
50% MFI$25,650$29,300$32,950$36,600$39,550$42,500$45,400$48,350
80% MFI$41,000$46,850$52,700$58,550$63,250$67,950$72,650$77,300

*HUD income limits effective June 15, 2023