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1st weekend results (Jan. 13-16)


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Lower DoublesUpper DoublesOpen Singles
1st placePancho & MarcoMarcus R. & LeftyJohnny G.
2nd placeRogerJacob B. & JTJacob M.
3rd placeAaron C. & Chris C.Cool ArrowsJT


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Wheelchair basketball

  • 1st place: Corpus Christi Rimz
  • 2nd place: Harker Heights Hustlers
  • 3rd place: Mary Free Bed Rollers

Youth tennis

Boys 18 & UnderBoys 14 & UnderGirls 18 & UnderGirls 14 & Under
1st placeConnor DentonSam CainAinsley TuckerRyan Sallee
2nd placeAnthony GarciaLuke FitzsimmonsMcKena SpencerShane Sallee
3rd placeSeth ReissigKaran ChandLaney MeyerHaley Morris

2nd weekend results (Feb. 25-26)


1st placeCF Intruders (Cypress)CF Intruders (Cypress)Texas Blaze Coastal (Victoria)South Texas Prospects (Corpus Christi)
2nd placeWildcats (Valley)Athletic Mercado South (Goodrich)Lone Star Prime 
(San Antonio)
(San Antonio)
3rd placeCage Nation Lady Royals (Corpus Christi)Mayhem Elite (Kingsville)Magnolia Elite (Magnolia)ST Explosion 
(La Grange)

3rd weekend results (March 3-5)

Adult tennis

Men's singlesMen's doubles
1st placeJJ GarzaMark Fitzsimmons & Jerry Ortiz
2nd placeAnthony GarciaJJ Garza & Adam Garcia
3rd placeAustin MillerPaul Buhler & Chad Myer


Single kayak divisionTandem kayak division
1st placeRick HayleyJoe Luna & James Salazar
2nd placeDaniel LozadaRick Boyd & Hadley Boyd
3rd placeSaul GarciaKelsey Boyd & Harper Boyd


1st place (53.9)Josh FlowersJohn BuzzellShawn GaskampSharleen Gaskamp
2nd place (56.4)Jacob EsparzaJaime GarzaJacob S. EsparzaTroy Esparza
3rd place (58.6)Melvin CochrumLindsey Smith Jr.Cole DunawayPete Gaona
Closest to the pinHole #8 - Sharleen Gaskamp, 15'10"Hole #12 - John Buzzell, 9'2"